A Month for High Shopping

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A Month for High Shopping

By Boysie Villavicencio
Malaya: Business Insight (Living)| October 25, 2013

ONE of the “cutest” little girls I have ever met was Carissa Vera Perez Cruz, the daughter of my longtime friend, Gina, who when we were much younger was Princess of Philippine Movies and the sister of my Ateneo de Manila grade school classmate and seatmate – Bobby Vera Perez.

Gina had just returned from New York and during one of her visits at my old residence in San Juan, brought along with her little Carissa who was then about three or four years old. Carissa was exceptionally well behaved and acted like a grown-up lady. She was fascinating! My mother Ester and I could not help focusing our attention on Carissa who spoke with a slight lisp and a non-twang “American” accent. When asked the usual questions adults ask kids of her age, she answered politely, directly, and precisely – she was indeed outstanding even then. That was many years ago……

Today, Carissa is now Mrs. Evangelista and is a mother herself. She was a former DTI undersecretary, who pushed for OTOP (One Town, One Product) trading policy; and is making a name as the lady behind Beatriz, a fashion accessory brand synonymous with quality and fine art. Read More.


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