Beatriz Accessories Launched

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By Becky Garcia|Hi!Society
The Manila Times | December 15, 2012

(From Left: The designer presents a matching bangle and clutch bag from the Beatriz Accessories Gold Holiday Collection; Top Right: Isabel De Leon and Hi!Society with Carissa Cruz-Evangelista; Middle Right: Daryl Chang and Joanne Rae-Ramirez with Carissa Cruz-Evangelista; Bottom Right: Leo Espinosa, Arnel Papa and Carissa Cruz-Evangelista)

CARISSA CRUZ-EVANGELISTA, the lovely government official turned entrepreneur, launched recently the Beatriz Accessories Gold Holiday Collection at FIRMA located at Greenbelt 3.

Cruz-Evangelista led the presentation of the Beatriz Accessories Gold Holiday Collection to the press at M Cafe. The collection is composed of 7 matching luxury 24-karat gold plated hammered metal clutches and bangles with stones. The matching clutch-and-bangle collection is composed of designs Empress Jade, Garnet Sunburst, Modern Stone, Bejeweled Symphony, Onyx Chrysanthemum, Diamond Butterflies, and Raw Brown Agate.

Cruz-Evangelista had a career in government for many years until she became a mother of two charming girls— 5-year-old Isabella Beatriz and 3-year-old Gabrielle Francesca. She has a small firm called Bella Trading and Services that supplies bags and accessories to Kultura at SM. She works with artisans and weavers from all over the country to come up with collections for Kultura.

The initial collection of Beatriz Accessories is the Obi Collection of bags and matching belts. The Obi Collection uses with the vintage ceremonial Japanese Obi with Swarovski crystals and Japanese beads. The Beatriz Obi Collection is available at

The latest Beatriz Accessories Gold Holiday Collection meanwhile, will soon be available at FIRMA.


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