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Beatriz, an up and coming artisanal brand sold in the US, Asia and Europe, known for its bright, graphic and modern clutches is one of the lucky brands to be featured on this year’s Oprah’s Favorite Things O, The Oprah magazine. To purchase Oprah’s Beatriz selections, buyers can log onto and check out Oprah’s Favorite Things.

Beatriz had caught the eye of Oprah magazine’s Style Editor Rae Ann Herman and Creative Director Adam Glassman at the recent NY NOW August 2017 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York. The head designer of Beatriz, Carissa Cruz-Evangelista was ecstatic to be selected for the Oprah’s Favorite things program and considered it a huge opportunity not just for her brand but for all the women that Beatriz had adopted as part of its advocacy to help livelihood communities.

With each Beatriz purchase, you will be supporting an adopted livelihood community of women in the Philippines. Each bag provides work in the community. The product is made of cotton thread and attached with a special gluing technique that involves lining the raw threads one by one to form the final pattern. Thus, each product is truly unique and celebrates even the imperfections as a sign of true artisanship and handicraft. No two pieces will be exactly alike.

Carissa shares, “Never in our wildest dreams did I think our bags would be selected by Oprah! What a blessing Oprah is to us and all the people she has helped because of her endorsement. We are truly so so grateful to her, to the editors and staff at The O Magazine and to amazon for this opportunity!”


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