Criselda Lontok knows what women want

Mar 12, 2014 | 0 comments

By Larry Leviste
Philippine Daily Inquirer | August 11, 2013

Celebrating 30 years in fashion design for Rustan’s, Criselda Lontok knows precisely how a woman of a certain age can wear figure-flattering, up-to-the-minute clothes.

Her signature shapes are short kaftans and mini ponchos in silk or georgette, laid over what hardcore clients claim are the best stretch leggings or flared pants that money can buy.
All numbers are age-appropriate and body type-flattering. Her summer and holiday collections at Rustan’s Makati are sure-fire bestsellers, year in and year out.
Criselda’s classic prints of oversized flowers and punchy geometric prints (yes, big prints will make you look slim) are snapped up the minute they hit the racks.
Lately, Lontok has been adding brocade and chiffon, beadwork and embroidery, creating a new resource when a woman has to dress formal. It takes only two weeks to have a long dress made to measure, its design taken from her line. Read More.


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