Flattering full-sized figures for 30 years

Mar 11, 2014 | 0 comments

By Marge C. Enriquez
Philippine Daily Inquirer | July 26 2013

Rustan’s House brand Criselda Lontok is synonymous with clothing women of a certain allure and figure type. Think sheer ponchos, loose tops and shifts with humongous flowers, and stretch pants with bands that snugly secure wandering waistlines.

Criselda Lontok’s fashion is what the late author Nora Ephron termed as “compensatory dressing” which suggests little tricks that offset the bulges.
“Some women with size 14 (turkey arms and all) will dare to wear a strapless dress. We have some shawls that can go with them,” explains Lontok.

Most of her clients prefer jersey pants to skim over the heavy legs. She also offers some dresses that hide bulging knees. Lontok says that, at a certain age, fashion is all about fit and not trends. Women feel inexplicably uncomfortable in regular-sized, fitted garments that hang on to the body. Customers look and feel younger if the fabrics gently drape their body rather than emphasize their silhouette.

“They shouldn’t feel conscious about their flab being seen,” Lontok says. Read More.


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