From Meldy Cojuangco to Melanie Marquez –what a night

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By Larry Leviste
Philippine Daily Inquirer | August 11, 2013

“The sphinx speaks,” said my front-row seatmate Joy Onglatco.

She was referring to Imelda Cojuangco, looking wonderfully larger than life onscreen during the video tribute that preceded Criselda Lontok’s fashion show at the Fairmont Ballroom last Monday night.

Speaking in a clear and enunciated way, Cojuangco extolled the virtues of Lontok as a friend and a designer. After all these decades, we see how well Imelda speaks with poise and sophistication yet sweetly and clearly. By all indications, Meldy Cojuangco could be the next leading lady or “numero uno” commercial endorser. She is a consummate actor in the best possible sense, confident of her lines and projection.

Nedy Tantoco, the only other fashion icon in the video, described Lontok as part of the Rustan’s family for the past three decades. Nedy spoke of the rich history of how designer labels such as Criselda flourished in their stores, ushering fashion retail into the brand-new century.
It was Nedy’s mom, founder and fountainhead Gliceria “Glecy” Tantoco, who built the Rustan’s empire of high-end retail fashion; who mentored Lontok when she was first tasked as merchandiser for beautiful blouses in the ’80s.

Monday’s formal event was like a roll call of old guard society. The women came in full force, in long dresses, blooming in hot-house colors and bedecked in sparkling jewelry. Read More.


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