Gold Standard

Mar 12, 2014 | 0 comments

Gold Standard

Paired with a sun-kissed glow, the perennial precious metal of choice shines even brighter.

By Manica C. Tanglao
Style Spy (Bijou News) | March 2013

THERE’S NO BETTER SEASON to make a bold fashion statement than summertime. It’s especially the case when one of Carissa Cruz-Evangelista’s gilded pieces is on hand: her artisanal line Beatriz Accessories’ latest collection is a dreamy assembly of minaudieres and jewelry in hammered gold, the proud result of a collaboration with Filipino blacksmiths and artists. In a celebration of local craftsmanship, the glistening pieces in 24-karat gold both embrace and pare down the glamour factor and a muted base, a sure fire way to subtly steal the show. Designed to be worn together, each gold-plated clutch-and-bangle pair also dazzle individually and are available in several designs: Bejeweled Symphony, Empress Jade, Garnet Sunburst, Modern Stone, Raw Brown Agate, Onyx Chrysanthemum, and Diamond Butterflies.


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