Sweet Arm Candy

Mar 12, 2014 | 0 comments

Sweet Arm Candy

The Big Accessories Report 2013

This is, without doubt, the season of the clutch bag. As seen not only on the red carpet but also even among the city’s most stylish, women are carrying their chic arm candy– in varied colors, styles and shapes -to express their singular style. TdLG BY Tweetie De Leon Gonzalez creates the most adorable hard case clutch bags with varied prints n each side. We love the fact that her pieces can be both elegant and yet utterly quirky.

For the more feminine dresser, these Beatriz clutch bags with matching obi belts are the ideal piece to have when you simply want to update a classic t-shirt and jeans ensemble or LBD. Getting ready for an ultra glam red carpet affair, then you’re never go wrong with these exclusively beaded bags by Aranaz. Truly style statement pieces in themselves.


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