The Business Of ‘Partnership Among People’

Feb 13, 2013

Carissa Cruz-Evangelista and Her Faith in the Filipino Craftsmen

By Eugene Y. Santos
Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation

Entrepreneur Carissa Cruz-Evangelista is a staunch believer in the positive impact of local craftsmanship to the Filipino community. “Filipino crafts should remain alive,” she says. Having held jobs in institutions like the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Cruz-Evangelista was involved in projects that showcase Filipino-made products to both local and international markets.

Apparently, Filipino products are not just good for export, as some Filipinos have learned to appreciate locally-made products. “There’s a big market here in the Philippines,” shares Cruz-Evangelista. “The challenge is quality with affordable pricing.”

In recent years, it seems that Cruz-Evangelista’s focus leans toward the Philippine fashion industry, with her businesses (Bella Trading and Services and Aeonyx Marketing Corporation) exploring and distributing accessories fashioned mostly out of locally-sourced materials.

To illustrate, one of Cruz-Evangelista’s latest ventures is the holiday collection of her high-end accessories line, Beatriz. The holiday collection, sold at Firma in Greenbelt 3, is composed of matching handmade clutches and bangles made out of brass dipped in 24-karat gold and embellished with precious stones like jade, agate, among others. Cruz-Evangelista is also working on other accessory lines, like ones that include envelope clutches and cuffs that use sustainable fish skin leather. Read More.