Velvet Clique

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By Christian De Leon Espiritu
Manila Bulletin | August 11, 2013

(Top Row: Anton Huang, Elenita Binay, Criselda Lontok, Nedy Tantoco, Edna Lhuiller, Maritess Pineda, Maureen Disina, Gina de Venecia, Carissa Cruz-De Guzman, and Cong. Lucy Torres;

Second Row: Ito Curata, Jojie Lloren, Joey Samson, Mimi Valerio, Marilese Evaristo, Justa Tantoco, Elenita Binay, Senator Loi Ejercito and Nini Licaros, Conchitina Bernardo, Marivic Rufino, and Amb. Lani Bernardo;

Third Row: Ching Montinola, Criselda Lontok, Menchu Concepcion, Donnie Tantoco, Amb. Bienvenido Tantoco, and Michal Huang Lina Panlilio, Tonichi Nocum, and Cristina Ponce Enrile

Fourth Row: Mita Rufino, and Marion Cos, Jojo Zambarte Mayene Carmona, Lulu Tan Gan, Mario Katigbak, the Franciscos, and Anton Huang

Fifth Row: Olga Martel, Roselle Rebano, Tereret Liboro, Marivic Vasquez, Danny Dolor, Glecy Mojares, Lourdes Montinola, Paqui and Lilibeth Campos.)

The well-dressed visible crowd suffused with fashionistas swarmed towards the ballroom of the Raffles and Fairmont to see an be seen on a Monday evening, August 5th. They all made sure they were there, so they may witness the fashion the miracle of Criselda Lontok who celebrates her 30th year as a bona fide fashion creator.

Needless to say, the invitees and some who defied social convention by sans a written invite, was a beautiful crowd wearing head turning fashion numbers, some by Criselda or by other notable fashion designers.

The who’s who crowd had fun greeting one another and enjoying the cocktails that were generously served but when the show was about to start they all excitedly followed the designated hosts who lead them to their seats.

Video clips where shown before the ramp was colonized by the professional models, paid due tribute to the late Mme. Gliceria Rustia Tantoco who turned out to be the inspiration that induced the reluctant Criselda to be the designer that she now is.

After the brief video hoopla starring Imelda Cojuanco, Amb. Isabel Caro WWilson, Nedy Tantoco, and the featured designer herself, the eagerly awaited “A Fashionable Life in Full Bloom” romantically unfurled before the interested and enthusiastic lovers of fashion.

An accounting of the sense and sensibility rendered by Criselda through her ultra-wearable collection I have already commented on “In My Own Fashion” in the Lifestyle Section of this same publication, last Friday. Right now I am simply featuring photos of the members of the VELVET SET who enjoyed the wonderful evening of beauty and fashion.


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